Futrus® Concealed Headwall

Designed to help create a calming, hospitality style environment and provide ultimate design flexibility.

The services and equipment are neatly concealed behind sliding access panels with a 4” or 6” depth profile. Each modular headwall panel is made from seamless, bleach cleanable Corian®, which is GREENGUARD® certified to resist microbial growth to help reduce HAIs. Corian® surfaces also resist chipping, peeling, scratching and staining and combine with Futrus® patented construction techniques for unrivaled durability.

Features include a structural rail system for easy panel attachment or removal and lap joint panel edges to prevent liquid penetration. Fully customizable to meet any space, caregiver or patient requirement.

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Unit Size: Height starting at 78”-96” | Depth starting at 4” or 6” | Width starting at: 42” center section, 21” side columns
Installed Height: 94”-96”
Concealed Service Panel: 3½”-5½” interior shelves
Wall Mounted on Indexed Rails
Colors: Cameo White, Glacier White, Bone, Bisque, Vanilla, Sandstone, Linen
Futrus® 5-year limited, Corian® 10-year limited

Trim to ceiling
Lighting: Integrated backlighting, a variety of designs or customizable design for wayfnding, theming or branding
Colors: Any Corian® color; customizable dye-sublimation wood grain patterns and UV print options; Addition of thermofoil or vinyl panels also available
Services: Each side column accommodates med gases, electrical outlets equipment rails

Wall Mounted on Indexed Rails

Standard Corian® Colors:
Cameo White, Glacier White, Bisque, Bone, Vanilla
or choice of any Corian® Color

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