Unique Patented Construction

Why Our Patented System Matters

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality solid surface solutions on the market. Through years of research and development we have pioneered a unique patented construction system you will not find from any other solid surface manufacturer.

Advantages of Our Patented System

• Ability to construct structurally-stable solid surface solutions on a large scale
• Design flexibility
• Greater product durability and life-cycle
• Improved impact resistance
• Ability to decrease solid surface sheet thickness
• Complete moisture resistance
• Greater sustainability

Without the use of a structural system, solid surface solutions are prone to cracking and structural failure. We’ve witnessed it countless times. The use of a substrate, like MDF, to support solid surface is not structurally stable, hygienic or moisture resistant and does not allow for expansion or contraction. We’ve spent many years developing the ultimate solution.  So you don’t have to.