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Demonstration Kits and miniature models are available for meetings/presentations.
 Demo Items Available for order [download]

Counter Cards

Available for download

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Seven things you should mention to every customer when you’re showing them Futrus Solutions:

1. AWARD WINNING SYSTEM DEVELOPED USING EVIDENCE AND OUTCOME BASED DESIGN  The initial research and development of Futrus, was based on evidence and outcome based design. Futrus won the Nightingale Gold award – which recognizes contributions to the healthcare environment through product design and innovation that contribute to healing.
2. MODULAR BUT CUSTOMIZABLE The modular nature of Futrus systems allow for a broad range of applications – all using Futrus’ unique and patented method of construction.
3. FLEXIBLE SYSTEM Allow architects/designers to draw what they want and Futrus will engineer the products around the design intent. 
4. DESIGNED FOR INFECTION CONTROL Corian is seamless, non-porous and monolithic. Corian is bleach cleanable. When cleaned properly, Corian does not allow the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.
5. USES DUPONT CORIAN Components are clad with Corian material.  The applications are seamless,  Unlike laminate surface treatments, Corian eliminates the need for edge banding, which creates seams and bacteria traps. Corian stands up to frequent cleaning with harsh cleaning agents.  Corian gives designers the ability to create infinite ranges of color combinations – offering a range of aesthetic choices.     
6. VALUE ADDED PROCESS Futrus works with A&D from start to finish with CAD and Revit drawing support for projects including 3d renderings of custom modular solutions and components to meet the specific needs of each project
7. DESIGNED TO MEET BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS Futrus utilizes an open manufacturing process and flexible materials so customizing is easy. Customizing Futrus can provide architects and designers with the look and function they want, all while keeping the budgetary constraints in mind and avoiding value engineering.
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  Material comforts: wood-grain thermofoil surfaces in a variety of finishes, solid color accents, and an array of Corian options create traditional and contemporary designs.
Other notes:
To create an interesting variety, materials can be mixed. For a more contemporary look, use wood-grain thermofoil on the sides of the cabinetry with complimentary whites on the face. Pairing wood sides with Corian fronts provides a more balanced traditional aesthetic.
Natural Maple paired with Cameo White    – Provides a bright and clean modern aesthetic    – Natural Maple looks crisp and fresh paired with this true white
Natural Maple paired with Glacier White    – Glacier White brings out the warmth in the wood    – Provides a more traditional aesthetic
Aged Cherry paired with Cameo White    – Provides a contrast of cool and warm tones    – Gives the Aged Cherry a modern twist
Aged Cherry paired with Glacier White    – Provides a clean, simple look    – Glacier White brightens up Aged Cherry’s traditional aesthetic
Aged Cherry paired with Corian Bisque    – Corian Bisque brings out the warmth in the wood grain    – Lends itself to a more traditional aesthetic
Walnut paired with Cameo White    – Dramatic mix of warm and cool tones    – A very crisp, clean modern aesthetic
Walnut paired with 91 White    – Glacier White emphasizes the richness of the wood grain    – Classic combination for a modern aesthetic
Walnut paired with Bisque    – A comforting soft warm look    – Provides a traditional residential aesthetic
Cherry paired with Cameo White    – Provides a high contrast modern look    – Fresh and crisp aesthetic
Cherry paired with Glacier White    – Preferred option for a neutral palette    – Provides a clean modern aesthetic
Cherry paired with Bisque    – Bisque brings out the warmth of the wood grain    – Provides a comfortable residential aesthetic
To view additional Corian material options, click here.
To see the material cross reference, click here.
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Futrus standard furniture catalog items:
List price less 30-50% initially, discounts based on quantity ordered and color.
Upcharge for Group B add 20%, Group C add 30%, Group D add 35-40% (prior to discount)
Healthcare Casework:
Casework is customizable and designed to meet the project budgets – using either the Corian or hybrid systems.
– The Futrus Casework System [all Corian] is comparable in cost to stainless or metal casework.
– The Futrus Hybrid Casework System [Corian/thermofoil] is 20-30% more than traditional millwork.
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Installation Process

The installation process varies depending on the product specified.
Built-In Solutions:
Casework, headwalls, modular vanities all require integration with walls. Typically cabinet blocking is used within the walls. Built-in solutions can use a variety of hanging methods- french cleat, continuous horizontal rails, or traditional millwork mounting.
Most free-standing furniture solutions don’t require integration with walls. These items are typically set up [“installed”] by a local contract furniture company, local millhouse, or in some cases sold directly to the facility to set up. 
It is important to note that furniture ships as one seamless piece.
Overbed Tables generally require some assembly.


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