Futrus Launches New Overbed Table Made With Corian® To Help Win The Virus War
The New Universal Overbed Table, from Futrus is designed to provide superior infection control, durability and patient comfort. Approximately 1 in 5 overbed tables test positive for bacteria and virus strains that can cause Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) which now cost the US healthcare industry $35-$45 billion dollars and result in over 99,000 patient deaths each year. Mark Allen, Futrus Founder and Head Designer, elaborates, “Following the COVID pandemic, the risk of future pandemics and continued challenge of HAIs, the need for truly hygienic overbed table solutions has never been more vital. Which is why we developed the Universal Overbed Table.”
The Universal Table features a patented tabletop design made entirely with Corian® solid surface, which is GREENGUARD Certified to resist the growth of viruses, bacteria and can withstand regular bleach cleaning, to help reduce the risk of HAIs. Unlike traditional overbed tables, made of laminate or plastic, the Futrus Universal Overbed Tabletop also features seamless, nonporous surfaces to support the highest levels of infection control and patient safety. Other solid surface overbed tabletops on the market typically use MDF substrates to connect the tabletop to the base. This method creates gaps and joints where harmful microbes can hide. James Leigh, CMO of Futrus adds, “Patients typically reach underneath an overbed table to bring it towards them. When they do, they risk interacting with a high-touch surface that can’t be effectively cleaned.” The Futrus Universal Table features bleach cleanable, seamless Corian® on the tabletop and underside, ensuring a truly hygienic solution.
The Universal Table’s Corian surfaces also resist chipping, scratching and staining and have an impact resistance far greater than traditional overbed table surfaces, like laminate. This helps ensure far superior durability and a longer life cycle to help lower the need for costly replacements, as well as ensuring greater sustainability. In addition, there is no rubberized edge, which is difficult to clean and prone to peeling. The tabletop also features an ergonomic Comfort Edge. This intelligent design detail provides patients with cushioning wrist support while also containing liquid spills up to 40 oz.
The new Futrus Universal Table, made with Corian® Solid surface is available for purchase either directly from Futrus, through select Corian® Distributors or select furniture dealers. It is the ideal solution for any healthcare facility wishing to create a safer environment for patients through proper hygiene. Especially those who have undergone recent surgery, have weakened immune systems or are in long-term care. Choose from a range of Corian® tabletop colors, base colors and accessories.
To request a table demonstration or pricing, please email info@futrus.com. For more product information visit futrus.com or contact your local Corian representative listed on the Futrus website.
About Futrus
Futrus is America’s leading innovator, manufacturer and retailer of hygienic furniture, casework and headwalls. Their mission is to revolutionize the healthcare and commercial design industry through the creation of healthier places to live, work, learn and heal. They design exclusively using Corian solid surface and collaborate with world leading architects to design spaces that can support highest standards of infection control, durability and style. Patented construction techniques and unique methods of manufacturing separate Futrus from all other solid surface manufacturers. Futrus products are designed with sustainability in mind. The materials used in the making of the Universal Overbed Tabletop and base are non-toxic and recyclable.
About Corian® Design
Corian® Design, a division of DuPont Water & Protection, is a global organization which creates, manufactures and markets advanced materials, products and solutions for interior design and architecture, originating from a foundation of world-class technologies and expertise. Marketed under the Corian® brand and the Make your Space™ tagline, its materials, products and solutions meet the most demanding requirements in terms of beauty, functionality and durability. The Corian® Design global portfolio is continuously evolving, and it currently includes Corian® Solid Surface, Corian® Quartz, and Corian® Endura™. To know more about Corian® Design: http://www.corian.com

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