Custom Futrus Headwall System Chosen for Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital

The Futrus Headwall System, made with Corian, has been chosen by Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital for their state-of-the-art bone marrow unit. This custom headwall design combined elements of the Futrus Concealed Headwall and Futrus Compact Headwall, to create the ideal solution for this project.

Medical outlets were concealed from patient view behind lifting access panels to create a calming environment. A playful, light reflecting panel was also integrated into the design to provide visual stimulation during treatment.

The headwall features seamless, bleach cleanable Corian panels to help reduce the risk of HAI infection and create a safer environment for patients, their families and staff. Each panel has also been designed with a lap joint edge to prevent liquid penetration during disinfection.

Patented Construction
Futrus patented construction techniques were used in the fabrication process to provide structural stability and ensure uncompromised performance for years to come.

Long Term Value
The panels can be removed easily, allowing the headwall to be relocated at a later stage, if required. Each panel can also be adapted or replaced to incorporate new technology in the future, without the cost of replacing the whole headwall system.

Futrus President, Mark Allen adds, “Arnold Palmer is another fantastic example of how we can develop the perfect, future proof solution for our clients, at a cost that meets their budget”.

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