Unrivaled Healthcare Solutions

Discover unrivaled durability & infection control.

Futrus® Healthcare Solutions made with Corian®, provide unrivaled hygiene, durability, design and long term value. That’s why we are already become the standard in healthcare facilities across America.

We believe choosing wood or laminate solutions, that promote HAIs and require replacement every few years does nothing for patient safety, long term costs or the environment. That’s why are passionate about raising the standards of design.

Each one of our solutions feature Corian® surfaces, which are seamless, bleach cleanable, nonporous and help facilities to control the growing threat of HAIs, which cost patient lives and billions of dollars each year.

The Corian® we design with resists chipping, peeling, scratching or staining and can be cleaned with the harshest of chemicals. In the unlikely event damage ever occurs, Corian® surfaces can easily be repaired to look like new. When you specify Futrus® you are specifying a design solution that can offer a lifetime of compromised performance.

Design Flexibility
Finding the exact design to match your needs can be impossible. Our complete range of healthcare and casework solutions offer you the freedom to adapt them almost any way you like. For us, customization is standard.

Cost and Long Term Value
Corian® is slightly more expensive than wood or laminate. But buying traditional leads to continued replacement costs and greater risk of HAIs. Did you know that a single HAI infection can cost a facility between $15,000 and $35,000? When you discover the advantages of our solutions, you understand they pay for themselves the short term and can help save thousands of dollars in the long term.

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