Additional Upgrades
Dye Sub or UV Printing

Incorporate custom images into Futrus® solutions with Dye Sublimation or UV printing. Each printing methods enables you to print full color images directly onto any surface made with Corian®, with stunning and precise results. Ideal for wayfinding or creating a more welcoming environment.

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Corian® Wireless Charging

Wireless Corian® Charging Surfaces can be installed into Futrus® Tables and Bedside Cabinets for added functionality. Charging location indicators can be seamlessly integrated into the Corian® or Zodiaq™ Quartz table tops and can be customized to feature logos or other branding.

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Power Integration

Technology can be integrated into into almost any Futrus® solution for added functionality. Choose from spill-proof power outlets, USB outlets, data grommets and more. Multiple outlet options, finishes and daisy-linking are also available.

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Finishing Options

We provide a range of different finishing options to meet your exact design needs. All Futrus® solutions are standard in a matte finish. Semi-gloss and gloss finishes are optional upgrades.


Backlighting can be incorporated into various Futrus® solutions for even greater impact, using LEDs and an Illumination Series Corian® Color. Unique designs can also be etched into the back of Corian® and backlit to add further customization.

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Modesty and Privacy Panels

Modesty and privacy panels can be integrated into Futrus® Parsons tables to add greater functionality and complement the surrounding design scheme. Available in all Corian® colors and a variety of laminate, wood and plexiglass finishes and heights.

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